WEcononmy-Diversity Works had a great event on 14-12 with 120 companies who are committed to strategically anchoring DEI measures within their organizations and who shared best practices.

Thanks to great role models like Bettina Augeneder Ina Herzer Sandra Straka Saskia Wallner Silvia Kaupa-Götzl Traude Kogoj Fred Mahringer and many more.

Thanks to the initiators Michaela Ernst, MBA and Hermann Sporrer for this wonderful and important initiative – it’s great to be part of it.

And because the initiative is so important, we are particularly pleased that our contribution: “fair pay is much more than #equal pay: how companies are getting ready for the new EU directive on equal pay and pay transparency” was so well received.
One thing is clear to all of us: inclusion and transparency need a climate of fairness and fairness starts with fairpay, equalpay.