Earn Your Worth


Earn Your Worth

What to Expect

What to Expect

Do you think you earn enough?  How do you know? Do you want to earn more? Do you ask yourself how to go about it? What if your boss says ‘no’? How to react if the new company asks for your salary expectations already on the phone – before having had an interview? If you want an answer to all these questions simply book your salary negotiations session or training. Listen to Adela Mehic, Tele2 Deputy CEO Austria, why she recommends SalaryNegotiations.

You will understand your worth and earn the salary you deserve.

1-to-1 Session

Together we will analyse your current salary situation and you will define your salary goal. This is the starting point of your 1-to-1 sessions.

Whatever challenge you face – during our meetings you will be fully prepared to set the right steps towards your goal.

Excited to have Mariya Lerch, CFO DinersClub Bank AG as living proof – salary negotiations are successful after 1:1 sessions with SalaryNegotiations.

Group Training

Group Training

Small settings of maximum 15 participants guarantee an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Together we will clarify your expectations and you will consider possible salary goals.

In order to reach your objective you will learn about salary structures and policies of companies and  – most importantly – understand and practice how to adequately negotiate your salary.


If you are desperate and only need quick support, simply fill in the contact form and I will get back to you asap. PRICE EUR 92,50/ 30 minutes DETAILS The Help Hotline addresses only urgent answers and is not a full salary consultation.


  •  personalized and efficient
  •  flexible agenda
  •  100% confidential


I. EUR 560 or

II. EUR 375


You choose among two different formats:

I. 1 individual meeting a 90 minutes to analyse your salary structure and define your salary negotiation technique  – additionally, you will receive an ad hoc counceling via phone  – over a period of 3 months ( 60 minutes max)

II. 1 individual meeting a 90 minutes to analyze your salary structure and define your salary negotiation technique


  • learning together and from each other
  • compact course format
  • various salary negotiation scenarios


EUR 355 plus a flat rate of EUR 30 for seminar fees incl. snacks/ soft drinks during the breaks

Upon demand, you can add an individual and flexible counceling (max 30 minutes via phone) for EUR 92,50 over a period of 3 months


Duration: 17.00 – 21.00 incl. two short breaks

Number of participants: min 6 max 15

Understand salary structures/ define your salary goal/ practice salary negotiations

Together we will design the training format suitable for your organization – depending on the availability and goals of your target group

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