Earn Your Worth


Earn Your Worth

What to expect

What to expect

Do you think you earn enough?  How do you know? Do you want to earn more? Do you ask yourself how to go about it? What if your boss says ‘no’? How to react if the new company asks for your salary expectations already on the phone – before having had an interview?

If you want an answer to all these questions simply book your salary negotiations session or training.

Listen to Adela Mehic, Tele2 Deputy CEO Austria, why she recommends SalaryNegotiations.

What our customers say 

What our customers say

Barbara Stöttinger (Dean at WU Executive Academy)

“Learning from the best! I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Martina Ernst, MBA – soooo helpful for young professionals and anyone else negotiating their salary!”

Mag. Ursula Axmann (CEO - WU ZBP Career Center)

“In the WU ZBP Career Center workshop, Martina Ernst examined the topic of salary from very different angles. Well-founded HR expertise paired with practical suggestions. Top! The future WU graduates were enthusiastic.”

Veronika Homolka (Office Manager & HR Generalist)

“I want to be honest with you and you touch my heart by the saying: “Don’t think you have to change” (really I had a tear in my eye!) The whole interview talk resonated with me very deeply and I am happy about the idea behind to run such talks! Yes, I’am an expat here in Austria and I’ve been living here for 7 years now. I passed through difficult career times & work environments and that’s why your tips and advices touched my heart. Thank you😊 I feel you are an amazing woman and it’s fantasic you founded your own companies! With your respect I’d like to follow you and your next career/salary advices.”

Anna Helene Franzwa

“Thank you for the great salary workshop on November 30 I found the statement very eye-opening: “Salary is based on the position for which I am applying and not on the past” This was particularly inspiring and true for me personally 😊👍🏼”

Zagorka Bozhinovska (Business Analyst)

“Thank you once again for our discussion. It was true gift speaking with you as it is having the Female Leader meetings! To the point – I managed to lend a Lead Business Analyst job in RBI, for much better salary, starting mid of April! 😉 This position fits with where I see myself.
One thing crosses my mind from our discussion: “you need to know what you want”. So it is :).”

Emese Elisabeta Kovacs (Network Engineering | Customer Relationship Management )

“When you were talking about salary negotiation, it sounded so easy as going shopping for shoes 🙂 And it got me thinking as how money was a taboo subject and with what non serving beliefs I grew up with back in Romania.” (to the Interview)

Tobias Tschipan (Student - WU Vienna)

“Thanks again for the interesting course on Monday, it helped me a lot! I have negotiated my salary once so far and I actually felt very uncomfortable. In the meantime, I’m kind of looking forward to the next time and find the whole topic exciting and thrilling now.”

Amina Covic

“I respect people from action and the one who are able to help no matter of the circumstances and without a lot of questioning. Even though I came to Martina in a last moment, right before taking a new professional path, she acted very fast, professionally and at ease. She quickly grasped the whole story and came up with a couple of suggestions that I could use immediately the next day.  Martina is an amazing women, she enjoys empowering women and having them earn their worth! I can highly recommend her services and I am looking forward working with her in the future.”

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What we do Fair&Equal Pay

What we do Fair&Equal Pay

SalaryNegotiations. is a consulting, training, and coaching company whose primarily goal is to help all professionals get a higher salary or improve their career.

SalaryNegotiations. partners with organisations and corporations who want to enable their members and employees to negotiate and advance their career and be able to discuss it at eye level with their (future) managers or clients.

We want you to understand your market value, know how to negotiate your salary or your next career step and earn your real worth.

If you think, your pay isn’t justified and still hesitant how to go about it, SalaryNegotiations. will partner with you to analyse your current compensation package and career scenario and thereafter define a systematic plan together with you to define your salary and career goals and prepare you step by step during your salary and career negotiations – and you will earn the salary you deserve.

John F Kennedy, the youngest U.S. President quoted once and with great precision,

“Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.”

Negotiating is an art. An art that will help you identify your self-worth and earn it well deservingly.

My mission – your benefit

My mission – your benefit

Fostering your professional growth

Strengthening your courage and stamina

Supporting your business success story…




…  and making sure you enjoy the journey towards your career goal

and earn the worth you deserve

Fostering your professional growth

Strengthening your courage and stamina

Supporting your business success story…

  …  and making sure you enjoy the journey towards your career goal

and earn the worth you deserve

1-to-1 Session

Together we will analyse your current salary situation and you will define your salary goal. This is the starting point of your 1-to-1 sessions.

Whatever challenge you face – during our meetings you will be fully prepared to set the right steps towards your goal.

Excited to have Mariya Lerch, CFO DinersClub Bank AG as living proof – salary negotiations are successful after 1:1 sessions with SalaryNegotiations.

Group Training

Group Training

Small settings of maximum 15 participants guarantee an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Together we will clarify your expectations and you will consider possible salary goals.

In order to reach your objective you will learn about salary structures and policies of companies and  – most importantly – understand and practice how to adequately negotiate your salary.


If you are desperate and only need quick support, simply fill in the contact form and I will get back to you asap.


EUR 92,50/ 30 minutes


The Help Hotline addresses only urgent answers and is not a full salary consultation.


  •  personalized and efficient
  •  flexible agenda
  •  100% confidential


I. EUR 560 or

II. EUR 375


You choose among two different formats:

I. 1 individual meeting a 90 minutes to analyse your salary structure and define your salary negotiation technique  – additionally, you will receive an ad hoc counceling via phone  – over a period of 3 months ( 60 minutes max)

II. 1 individual meeting a 90 minutes to analyze your salary structure and define your salary negotiation technique


  • learning together and from each other
  • compact course format
  • various salary negotiation scenarios


EUR 355 plus a flat rate of EUR 30 for seminar fees incl. snacks/ soft drinks during the breaks

Upon demand, you can add an individual and flexible counceling (max 30 minutes via phone) for EUR 92,50 over a period of 3 months


Duration: 17.00 – 21.00 incl. two short breaks

Number of participants: min 6 max 15

Understand salary structures/ define your salary goal/ practice salary negotiations

Together we will design the training format suitable for your organization – depending on the availability and goals of your target group

Our expertise

Our expertise

Martina Ernst

Coach, mentor & HR expert in all career related topics with a strong focus on professional change, leadership, talent management, cross-cultural business and salary negotiations.

25+ years of experience in multinational companies as senior HR manager & managing director (Board -1) in the financial and language services industry
Extensive career coaching and mentoring experience.

business coaching • executive coaching • career coaching • leadership coaching • talent coaching • transition coaching • group coaching • 1-to-1 coaching


ColourfulCareer Founder (2020 – current)

SalaryNegotiations. Founder (2019 – current)

Coaching • Consulting • Training

500+ Yoga Teacher (2017 – 2019, Sabbatical)

Erste Bank Head of HR (2014 – 2016)

UniCredit Vienna and at the Headquarters in Milan: various global HR roles (2007 – 2013)

Berlitz International: Managing Director Central Southeast Europe & Head of Supervisory Board at Berlitz Germany (2000 – 2005)

WU Executive Academy IAB Vice President of the International Advisory Board as well as President of the WU Executive Academy Female Leaders Network


Global Executive MBA at WU, Vienna and Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Business Coach, ICF Formation

Systemic Consultant, Neuwaldegg SBI

Zukunft Frauen  – Female Leadership Program of WKÖ, IV and BM

Controller Diploma OECI

Master, University of Heidelberg including studies in Paris, Faculté Catholique

German / English / French / Italian


You can also reach us:
+43 664 969 7876

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