On Sept 28.22 at 6pm it is happening again: I am holding a webinar at #SkillsCampus, which was created by the fabulous #thenewITgirls together with Microsoft – and of course it is about salary negotiations – but not only, but we also talk about the fact that each CV has to tell a good story, so that you can ask for the right salary.

Making tech female

Did you know,
…that the number of developers at non-tech companies has grown faster in the last two years than at tech companies?
…that Austria currently has a shortage of 24,000 IT experts?

While many talk about equality and diversity, we want to do something concrete to empower women. That’s why @Microsoft, @ETC and @#thenewITgirls have joined forces to combine the power of technology, educational expertise and a strong community to support you on your journey into IT.

And as founder of salarynegotiations and colourfulcareer I am one of the Skills Campus’ experts and will support you with tips around your career, your CV and your salary negotiations.

When: September 28, 2022 from 6pm-8pm

Link zum Meetup