Women need energy  – ok, but what about: ‘ENERGY NEEDS WOMEN‘? ⚡When people think of B2B energy business most of them have men in mind. But when you think of consumers, we ALL need energy.REXEL is one of the big players in the world of energy who is committed to diversity among its employees. And I am especially looking forward to be on the panel with Magdalena super well known on Insta and YouTube as @electriciangirl

Watch out the upcoming panel where we all agree on one common topic: it’s time to get rid of gender stereotypes
💜 Michaela Sadleder, Country Sales Manager von Eaton Austria
🧡 Magdalena Schnabl, Geschäftsführerin von StK-Service (Elektrogewerbe)
💜 Martina Ernst, CEO & Founder of SalaryNegotiations., FairandEqualPay and ColourfulCareer
🧡 Netta Kellett, Head of Digital bei REXEL Austria
💜 Sarah Großauer, Pricing Expert bei REXEL Austria (Regro/Schäcke Linz als Vertriebsinnendienst)
🧡 Martin Maurer, Head of HR bei REXEL Austria