Challenge – me?? Can’t do that! That’s not me! And why anyhow? What’s it good for? Nothing will change after all! And I feel ok the way I am!

Maybe you recognize some of these thoughts and think: so, why bother?

And maybe you are right – somehow. BUT (normally I dislike this killer phrase – only this time I consider it relevant) what, if all women had always thought like this? We still wouldn’t be able to vote, we still couldn’t decide on our own whether to work or not, we still would be regarded second class. Thanks God, many women back than chose to challenge.

So, what can you challenge right now – even if you don’t feel like it?

Whatever seems too hard, too difficult and too complicate, put it aside for a moment and let’s start the easy way. And what can be easier than getting together and talking about #ChooseToChallenge with other like-minded women. Ask them, what they want to challenge, improve and eventually change. Here are some of the burning issues you probably can’t hear any more about – and yet, they still exist:

YES to equality and transparency at the workplace: Women earn still considerably less than men for the same work #equalpay @bpwAustria

YES to the female quota and more women at the top in business claiming their place at the table #IchBinEineQuotenfrau

YES to housework equally shared between men and women

YES to responsibility for kids being equally distributed between both parents

Why discuss it with other women? Because #TogetherWeAreStronger and often it’s enough to get inspired by one little idea to get things going.

And this is why, today, I share my picture with A BIG YES FOR A FEMALE QUOTA.

Sonja Wallner, A1 Telekom Board Member asked me to participate, and I fully endorse the idea. Who cares, whether we got to the position because of a quota or not – as long as we manage to get there! #choosetochallenge #IchBinEineQuotenfrau #femalequota #Frauenquote

Please join and post your picture with the claim: #ichbineinequotenfrau