Not interested in money!
Would never #negotiatemysalary!  Negotiating is not my cup of tea! I like to have a good relationship with my boss.

Of course, fully understand all your points. And by the way, during my very first job interview I didn’t even want to know what I was going to earn!!!… BUT…what about our long-term security? What about a nice flat?

You do not need to be interested in money to secure your living – you simply need to earn your worth.

Let me explain:

In Austria, a woman working full time earns EUR 39.320 gross

In Austria, a man working full time earns EUR 45.900 gross

So, most full-time working women earn EUR 6.580 gross less!! And in case of being single they earn approx. EUR 3650 net less. (Median Salary, Statistics Austria, 2019)

If you manage to earn as much as a man (and why not???!!!) and are still not interested in money, then simply take a big part of these EUR 3650 net and save it wisely.

Let’s say you invest EUR 275/month (=3300 EUR/year).

And there are companies such as who can advise you what to do best.

You don’t need to be a stock exchange guru nor a math’s wizard for it.

Why bother?? Because after about 15 years (with a yearly interest rate of e.g., 3%) you have already gained EUR 58.800 AND your pension entitlement is much higher as well.

And, although you are not interested in money, honestly, wouldn’t it be great to have an extra amount of EUR 58.800 which allows you to do a down payment for your own flat, allows you to take one or two years of sabbatical or allows you to transfer it into a private pension fund – or whatever seems inspiring to you. 

So, continue not being interested in money, very well, but aim for earning as much as men do and allow yourself inspiring things with this extra money.

YES to equality and transparency at the workplace: Women earn still considerably less than men for the same work #equalpay @bpwAustria

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