Being loved – or being paid? Is this the question???

I can’t ask my boss for a salary increase – especially not now, in these Covid19 times – he would regard me as highly selfish and inconsiderate. And I do not want to ruin our good relationship.

So, I leave it as is – despite the fact that all my friends and colleagues -in similar positions- already earn more.
And I hope that, once Covid-19 is gone, my boss will recognize my hard work and increase my salary anyhow.

OH GIRL, wake up and take action!

No one takes care of you, if you don’t do it for yourself.
So, why don’t you try a little experiment and change perspective…


  • You are the boss: Do you feel bad about earning at least twice more than your team although you do not work at least twice as much as everyone else?
  • You are the boss: Do you increase the salary of someone who discussed with you how to add value to your organization and pre-aligned the necessary steps for it? Or do you increase the salary of a nice person who works very hard and very quietly – although you are not fully aware of what exactly he/she does?
  • You are your best friend and have to give some advice – do you really tell your friend to accept less than what she/he deserves?
  • You are your colleague – and should praise you for what you are really good at work
  • You are retiring and realize that your pension is by far not enough – you could have saved every cent of your salary increase. Why? Because every 35 years your savings double with only an interest rate of 2%!


…and the best comes at the end of this experiment:
you are yourself and know that you are loved for who you are and what you’re like, and not for the salary you get or don’t get!

So, start preparing and earn your worth – you are worth it!

If you want to find out how best to prepare for your salary negotiation watch my quick tips.

Looking forward to support you