Are you frustrated because you don’t get the salary increase you think you’d deserve? Have you ever asked yourself whether you have followed the right steps to achieve a higher salary?

There are tons of books which recommend you what to do but there are just a few tips what to avoid by all means – so here we go:

  • Do not confront your boss with the comparison of your compensation to other people’s, colleagues’ salaries
  • Do not bump into your superior and ask for a rise spontaneously
  • Do not say: “…but I deserve it because I work so hard…”
  • Do not ask for a monthly net salary increase
  • Do not refer to old oral promises made by an ex-boss who already left the company

You will probably read my lines and think: “Of course, I would never do such things when it comes to salary negotiations!” – yet these are the most common mistakes which happen to almost every third employee!

So, please watch out and prepare well  (read my latest blog what to respect while preparing your next salary increase) (former blogpost) – and if you need any further support, I am happy to support you