Covid-19 hits hard and your company is or might be forced to restructure and lay off people. You are frightened to death because it might also affect you. After all, you are not one of these Artificial Intelligence or Big Data types who are currently wanted badly everywhere. You’re ‘simply’ a decent collaborator working hard every day to earn your worth – as is 99% of all workforce!

So, what can you do in case you are affected?

Of course, in most companies you have a workers’ council or trade unions (depending on the country) supporting you and maybe offering social plans with clear exit packages for everyone…BUT

…what, if you go one step further, negotiate your exit proactively and try to make the most out of this new situation?

Did you know that most companies are not only open to negotiate salaries with their employees but also the conditions of your severance pay/ exit package?

What do you need to know to make the most out of it? What do you need to do about it?

Prepare carefully – you will create the basis of your financial security for the coming next months which could guarantee a certain freedom of choice for your next career move.

Possible terms and conditions you can negotiate:

  • The amount paid upon termination including potential bonuses or long-term incentive plans
  • Several Benefits (company car/pension plans/ insurances/ laptop, mobile etc)
  • Outplacement assistance
  • The exact time of departure
  • The announcement of your departure – depending on your position

And do not underestimate the psychological effect! Having successfully mastered this horrible situation will reduce your stress level, boost your morale and self-esteem and thus, considerably increase your chances to get a new job.

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