In the #AskUsAnything webinar series, SalaryNegotiations. and Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr talk with the initiator of DAMENSACHE, Dr. Marietta Babos, about the topic,

“Salary and room to maneuver – I’m worth it to myself – mothers and single parents on the job”.

We show how to work self-determined as a mother and at the same time to #earnyourworth – #youareworthit
What you can expect:
👉 How can I actively use my time even on maternity leave to generate (more) value?
👉 Top three tips for #femalefounders, also in the combination of entrepreneurship & family.
👉 Price/#fee structure of female founders
👉 How can I #createvalue for my clients and what does it have to do with my prices?
👉 How do I deal with counter-arguments and fear of negotiations?
👉 What are absolute no-go’s in #pricenegotiations?
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